Luxurious, organic 100% silk is easy to wear and finally easy to maintain. We are passionate about sustainability and produce garments that are long-lasting and timeless.To ensure the longevity of your garments, please follow the care instructions outlined below. 

Machine or Hand Wash

Yes, our silk is 100% washable! Enjoy the luxury of silk with easy at-home care. If you choose to hand wash, you may do so with cold water and silk detergent.

Turn Garment Inside Out

To keep your silk in the best shape, turn items inside out and place in a mesh washing bag to protect it while in the washing machine.

Don't Mix Fabrics

For best results, wash each garment alone. If combining with another load, always wash with like fabrics such as other similar colored silk

Select Specific Silk or Gentle Detergent

Non-specialist detergents often contain harsh chemicals that can damage the color and finish of silk and cashmere garments. Do not use any other products such as stain remover or bleach. 

Do Not Dry

Choose to either hang your items to dry or lay the item flat in its natural shape on a drying rack. Avoid drying in direct sunlight as it will fade the colors.

Steam/Iron Instructions

For best results, gently steam. If desired, iron inside-out over a cloth on the lowest heat setting. Silk is a natural textile and flammable therefore it cannot be ironed on high temperature or when wet. 

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please reach out to us at